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Seamless Communication for Growing Enterprises. Connecting Teams, Clients and Offices.

Enhance your organization's communication efficiency with our comprehensive PABX solution. Excellently manage internal calls and modernized branch exchange operations with ease."

Connecting Conversations, Uniting Efficiency: Your Intercom PABX Solution.

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Intercom PABX Products

Seamless Communication for Growing Enterprises: Custom-fit PABX Solutions for Every Business Need. From internal collaboration to external connectivity, our customizable PABX solutions ensure seamless communication inside and outside your organization, regardless of your preferences or budget limitations

Managed PABX System

PBX is a Private Branch Exchange, while the PABX stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange. The word A comes from automatic, which is the new additional system in PBX. Normally the system needs an operator to navigate where the call falls, wherein the new PBAX automatically distributes calls this enables the system to handle more calls effectively. It is a private telephone network that is used within the organization. It allows internal communication and also connection to the public switched telephone network
(PSTN). PABX provides solution for the companies that need many lines for internal communication, as well as, outside calls. It provides the company a single access number with different extensions. This process saves money than using different landlines linked to different public network

Virtual PABX System

Traditionally an organization is connected through telephone system some might know it as intercom or PBX/PBAX. In Virtual PBAX, however is a Cloud-Based system that routes over the internet. This is a new and effective way to connect inside and outside the organization. The system can be installed within hours as it only needs a reliable internet connection and a device. When a caller calls on the company’s number it can be accessible at a telephone on the office, a phone app on the computer or even in your smartphone app. This means you can answer any call whenever and wherever you are around the world.

Cross PABX System

Experience the Best of Both Worlds: Our Hybrid PABX Solution combines the reliability of traditional PBX systems with the flexibility of Virtual PBX systems. Ideal for businesses with remote offices and branches across various locations, this system seamlessly connects your entire network, enhancing communication efficiency regardless of geographical barriers. Perfect for large-scale enterprises or companies with international partners, our Hybrid PABX Solution ensures unparalleled reliability and flexibility. While initial costs may be higher, the long-term benefits in terms of enhanced connectivity and operational efficiency make it a worthwhile investment for any forward-thinking organization.

Our Expertise

We specialize in customizing advanced communication systems to meet your unique needs. Our dedicated team comprises highly skilled engineers, electricians, and technical installers who are committed to providing top-notch service. We understand that every business is different. That’s why we take the time to meticulously assess your requirements, ensuring that the solutions we offer are precisely aligned with your needs. Before embarking on any PABX project, we conduct a thorough process to guarantee optimal outcomes. Our end-to-end PABX solutions are designed to simplify business communications. From the initial consultation to installation and ongoing support, we prioritize reliability and cost-effectiveness every step of the way. With Intercom PABX by your side, you can trust that your communication needs are in capable hands. Let us help you customize your operations and enhance connectivity within your organization. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can support your business.

Cost Effective

Reduces cost in relation with the long-distance calls, hardware and maintenance. The system also eliminates the need to separately pay for voice call and data.

Installation and Maintenance

We provide free installation and timely maintenance to update the system timely. This is to ensure the quality and the security of the system under our service.


Flexible by means of communication and nature of work as it can cater remote works efficiently. At the comfort of your office, home or even while in travel. PBAX is the best solution.

Intercom PABXPH Project and Installation Accomplishment

As a PABX supplier and contractor, we’ve successfully accomplished numerous projects across various sectors including Hotels and Resorts, Business Process Outsourcing Offices, Hospitals, Business Offices, and Schools. Our broad portfolio includes tailored services provided to each of these sectors.

  • PABX Design and Installation
  • PABX Technical Consultancy and Technical Recommendation
  • Site Survey & Inspection
  • PABX Supply and Delivery
  • PABX Upgrade Services & Network Expansion
  • Project Management & Supervision
  • PABX Equipment Mobilization & Demobilization
  • Installation, Configuration, Testing & Programming Services
  • Cabling Layout & Termination
  • Project Acceptance & Documentation
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Service and Hardware Warranty
  • Aftersales Support
  • PABX Preventive Maintenance

Our Intercom PABX Suppliers

Project Installation Process

The installation process for a Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) system can vary depending on the specific equipment and requirements of the organization. Here is a general outline of the installation process:

Assessment Planning

Evaluate communication needs and determine system requirements. Plan system layout, including equipment placement and cabling.

Hardware Setup

Install PABX equipment in designated location. Connect telephony network and external phone lines.

Configuration and Programming

Configure system settings, user accounts, and dialing plans. Set up features such as call routing and voicemail.

Training and Documentation

Train staff on system usage and features. Provide documentation for reference and troubleshooting.

Why Business Choose Our IP-PABX System

We specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining a variety of PABX Systems tailored to meet your business communication needs. Our commitment extends beyond delivering seamless communication solutions. We prioritize future scalability, ensuring your system is ready for expansion as your business grows. Our goal is to maximize the value of your investment, ensuring long-term satisfaction.

  • Diverse solution of PABX products for different office setup.
  • Prompt response to inquiries.
  • Ongoing training to stay updated on the latest trends.
  • Our proficient and extensively trained engineers will design each project.
  • Experienced technical team to execute each project with efficiency and accuracy.
  • Dedicated Technical Support available for all post-project concerns.

Client Feedback's

"The PABX solution provided by Intercom PABX has truly transformed our communication infrastructure. It seamlessly connects our multiple offices, enabling smooth collaboration regardless of location. The technical support team was instrumental in the setup process, ensuring everything ran smoothly. Highly satisfied with the results!"

"Switching to the PABX solution offered by Intercom PABX was one of the best decisions we made for our business. Not only has it improved internal communication, but it's also enhanced our customer service capabilities. The support team has been fantastic in addressing any concerns promptly. Highly recommend this solution to any organization looking to optimize their communication channels."

"We've been using the PABX system from Intercom PABX for several months now, and we're extremely impressed. It's incredibly reliable, even with our large volume of calls. The flexibility of the system allows us to easily scale as our business grows. Overall, a fantastic investment for streamlining our communication processes."

What is PABX and Why should I avail it?

PBAX, which stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange, is an advanced phone system designed specifically for commercial use. Advanced services including call forwarding, conference calling, customizable voicemail, and call routing are available. Because PBAX is flexible and adaptable, it may be used by both small businesses and established corporations. By streamlining communication networks, cutting expenses, and raising productivity, it highlights cost-effectiveness. PBAX guarantees dependable support for continuous services and can be tailored to match specific business needs. To sum up, PBAX offers companies an all-inclusive, adaptable, economical, and scalable communication platform, supported by dependable support services, which expedites communication procedures and boosts efficiency.

Benefits of PABX System

Learn the importance of having a PABX System and why you need to have them in your business.

PABX system plays an important role in success of any business operations. Regardless if you’re a small, medium or large enterprise, a reliable telephone communications system that allows seamless communication between your employees, partners and customers, is a must.

  • More efficient than old telephone system
  • No need for installing as many landlines and wiring
  • Allows multiple location platforms (one PABX system for all branches)
  • Lots of features that provide work efficiency
  • Reduced costs (particularly if you are making long distance calls)
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Professional image
  • Good voice quality
  • Low maintenance costs

Frequently Asked Questions

A PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) system is a private telephone network used within an organization that allows for internal communication as well as external calls. It serves as a central switching system for managing incoming and outgoing calls within the organization.

Unlike traditional telephone systems where each phone line has a direct connection to the public telephone network, a PABX system allows multiple users to share a smaller number of external phone lines. It also offers features like call transferring, voicemail, and internal extensions.

PABX systems offer cost savings by allowing businesses to share external phone lines among multiple users. They also improve internal communication efficiency with features like call routing, voicemail, and conferencing. Additionally, they provide flexibility for businesses to scale their communication needs as they grow.

Yes, modern PABX systems are designed to support both analog and digital telephony, offering compatibility with a variety of devices such as traditional landline phones, IP phones, and digital telephony equipment.

Typical features include call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, auto-attendant (IVR), conferencing, call recording, and integration with other communication technologies like VoIP and mobile devices.

PABX systems are highly scalable and can accommodate the growth of businesses by adding additional extensions or lines as needed. They offer flexibility to expand or upgrade the system according to the changing needs of the organization.

PABX systems employ various security measures such as password protection, encryption of communication channels, and firewalls to prevent unauthorized access or hacking attempts. Regular security updates and patches are also essential to ensure system integrity.

Yes, PABX systems come in various configurations such as traditional analog PABX, digital PABX, and IP-based PABX. These configurations differ in terms of the technology used, scalability, and integration capabilities with other communication systems.

Yes, modern PABX systems often support integration with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, allowing for cost-effective long-distance calling and advanced features such as video conferencing. They can also integrate with mobile devices through applications or mobile extensions.

Factors to consider include the size and scalability of the system, required features and functionality, compatibility with existing infrastructure, budget constraints, and future expansion plans. Additionally, assessing the reliability, support, and reputation of the PABX provider is crucial in making an informed decision.


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